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We will state out clearly here with full transparency our final Nett amount payable for each of the 2 package options (Option A and Option B).


# Please note we will be stationed overseas from 10th to 19th June 2019, and will return to Singapore on 20th June 2019. Please WhatsApp us during this period. Our WhatsApp numbers are 84993349 and 86111252 respectively. Alternatively, you may also choose to email us at




Definition of a Transfer maid: A domestic helper who will be transferring to work for a different employer with a written consent, also known as transfer paper or consent form, from her current employer to do so. This helper is also commonly referred to as Transfer helper.


Definition of an Ex-Singapore maid: An experienced domestic helper who has worked before in Singapore and is currently back in her home country.


Agency fee $880 + Maid insurance $234 + MOM fee $70 = $1184 NETT (NO MAID LOAN*, NO PLACEMENT FEE & NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transport fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees).


*Subjected that the maid has no balance loan.

Package Option (A) includes 6-months guarantee with 1 free replacement of maid.


NO ANY OTHER FEES (e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc) as we will absorb all these fees already included in our Agency fee of $580. We only charge 3 things:


  • Maid’s loan (2 months loan only. Maximum is capped at 2 months). This is deducted from the maid’s salary.
  • Agency fee $580
  • Maid insurance


That’s it. Nothing else.


You shall pay your maid’s loan upfront to us. Therefore you DO NOT need to pay salary to your maid for the FIRST 2 MONTHS. In other words, your maid’s loan is 2 months, this means you DO NOT have to pay her salary for the first 2 months. You will only START to pay salary to your maid on the 3rd MONTH and onwards.


Total Nett amount payable to us under OPTION B => 2 months maid’s salary (Maid’s loan) + Agency fee $580 + Maid insurance $234 = Final Nett amount (NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees). See example below:


E.g. Your maid’s monthly salary is $550 and her loan is 2 months. The total amount payable to us is => 2 months x $550 + Agency fee $580 + Maid insurance $234 = $1914 NETT


Package Option (B) includes 12-months guarantee with 1 free replacement of maid.







Lowest Price Package – Singapore’s Most Affordable and Cheapest Maid Agency

Select & interview your helper. Our transfer helpers normally do NOT have any loan at all. The loan of Ex-Singapore helpers are capped at 2 months to ensure hiring domestic helper from us is always affordable. We are doing this to help both employer & helper reduce the financial burden of engaging domestic help. This is our way of contributing back to society. We would also like to thank all our clients for their support all this while.



Please call our office at 66403817 or WhatsApp us at either 84993349 or 86111252 for any assistance or enquiry


Lowest Price Package - By ensuring our price simple & affordable, engaging domestic help will be a much less stressful process for both the employer & helper. This in turn benefits our employer tremendously when it comes to hiring a domestic helper. Hiring a domestic helper thus becomes MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE!