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We have been interviewed & featured by CNA (Channel NewsAsia) on 11 Jun 2021; five times by The Straits Times in their newspaper article on 23 Apr, 30 Nov 2020, 11 Jan 2021, 11 Apr 2021 & 17 May 2021; and five times in The New Paper on 17 Apr, 23 Apr, 18 Jun 2020, 11 Jan 2021 & 29 Mar 2021 respectively.



Foreign domestic workers (FDWs/MDWs) may be able to come into Singapore under a new pilot scheme. This scheme will see helpers undergo additional safe management measures in their home countries before they can enter Singapore. Please click here for more details. The helpers will still have to serve their 14-day SHN at a local SHN dedicated facility (SDF) here in Singapore, and to complete several COVID-19 tests (including serology test) before their SHN is over. We will co-share half of this local SHN cost with our employers. Instalment Payment Plan is also available. You may choose to spread your payment over 2 to 5 months. We are doing this to lighten the financial burden of everyone, so that no one individual needs to feel the full weight of the cost involved here. Please inform us if you prefer to pay by instalment.



We will state out clearly here with full transparency our final Nett amount payable for each of the 2 package options (Option A and Option B). For Option C, please go to our “Fees” page.




Definition of a Transfer maid: A domestic helper who will be transferring to work for a different employer with a written consent, also known as transfer paper or consent form, from her current employer to do so. This helper is also commonly referred to as Transfer helper.


Definition of an Ex-Singapore maid: An experienced domestic helper who has worked before in Singapore and is currently back in her home country.


Agency fee $1980 + Maid insurance $239 + MOM fee $70 = $2289 NETT (NO MAID LOAN*, NO PLACEMENT FEE & NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transport fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees).


*Subjected that the maid has no balance loan.

Package Option (A) includes 6-months guarantee with 1 free replacement of maid.


No other fees involved (e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc) as we will absorb all these fees in our agency fee of $680. We charge only 3 things:


  • Maid’s loan. This is deducted from your maid’s salary.
  • Agency fee $680
  • Maid insurance


That’s it. Nothing else.


You shall pay your maid’s loan upfront to us. Therefore you DO NOT need to pay salary to your maid for the FIRST 3.5 MONTHS. In other words, you will only START to pay salary to your maid from the 4th month.


Package Option (B) includes 12-months guarantee with 1 free replacement of maid.







Lowest Price Package – Singapore’s Most Affordable and Cheapest Maid Agency

Given the current COVID-19 situation, some employers may face financial difficulty to upkeep and pay their helpers. You may release your helper to us at NO fees and costs. We will therefore takeover your helper and the responsibilities of providing food, accommodation & medical treatment while she is with us. You do NOT need to pay anything to us. Your helper will also incur NO deduction, NO salary cut & NO placement fee when we transfer her to a new employer. You can entrust your helper to us.


Start a Franchise with us from as little as S$100k as we seek to expand with you. You do not need to break your bank to start a franchise. Our sole objective is to expand steadily and progressively with you. We will support you from ground level all the way up. Contact us at 69707155 or 69707156 for more information.


If you are a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) or helper who is looking for an employer to transfer, you may approach us for help. We will arrange interview for you and our prospective employers. However, you may need to obtain consent from your current employer (Consent to transfer) first. There is NO deduction, NO salary cut, NO placement fee & NO loan deduction when we transfer you to a new employer. This leads to a more happier working relationship with your new prospective employer.


Instalment Payment Plan is available to all our customers and employers. You may choose to spread your payment over 2 to 5 months. Please inform us if you prefer to pay by instalment.