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Hello! Maid agency fees can often be complex and full of hidden costs. At Maid Avenue, we’re committed to making your maid hiring process as transparent and straightforward as possible.

With us, expect top-notch service at affordable rates with no hidden costs.

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Our Fees

Are you considering hiring a new or transfer maid? At our agency, we offer a simple pricing structure for both choices.

Transfer maid

$1,760.00 (All in)

  • Agency Fee $1200

    This fee includes the cost of lodging, transport, training, and medical expenses.

  • Maid Insurance $490
  • MOM Fee $70
New or Ex Singapore Maid

$1,540 + Placement Fee

  • Agency Fee $980

    This fee includes the cost of airfare, lodging, transport, training, and medical expenses.

  • Maid Insurance $490
  • MOM Fee $70
  • Placement Fee 4-8 months (Maid's salary)

    You initially pay this on behalf of your future maid, and then gradually recoup it by deducting from the maid's monthly salary.

  • POEA Fee (Only for Filipino Maid) $900

    This is only required when hiring a Filipino helper from abroad.

Learn How Maid Avenue Stands Out in the industry

In this post, we explore how the pricing structures of maid agencies work, why transparency matters, and how Maid Avenue stands out in providing clear, affordable, and straightforward pricing.

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Example for hiring a New or Ex Singapore maid

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A placement fee (aka maid loan), is an amount you pay to a maid agency for their work in recruiting and arranging employment for a maid. You can think of it as a loan that the maid requires to work here, which you, the employer, must initially pay on her behalf.

However, this fee isn’t an extra cost for you. You’ll get this money back by deducting the maid’s salary in the first few months she works for you. The length of time for these deductions depends on the total amount of the loan taken by the maid.

In this example, the placement fee is $2,500, which is equivalent to 5 months of the maid’s salary. You are required to settle this cost initially for your maid. Consequently, you won’t need to pay her salary for the first 5 months of her employment, as she is essentially repaying her loan to you during this period.