Renew Work Permit

Avoid potential miscommunications with thorough and accurate paperwork. Trust us to efficiently renew your maid's work permit.

Renew your maid's work permit

Seeking to renew your maid’s contract and work permit? It’s essential to have clear terms in the updated contract to avoid misunderstandings.

With Maid Avenue, we’ll guide you through the process, sharing industry norms on home leave, salary hikes, and potential bonuses. This information will enable you to establish a successful working relationship with your domestic helper for years to come.

Let us guide you through the renewal process

Handling key issues such as home leave, salaries, and bonuses can be complex. Allow us to guide you, providing insights into the current industry standards.

Home Leave

Home leave for your domestic helper can arise at the end of their contract term or due to unforeseen emergencies necessitating a return to their home country. Establishing clear terms ensures fairness and understanding, safeguarding the interests of all involved.

Salary increments

Salary increments are an effective strategy for retaining performing domestic helpers. It not only acknowledges their efforts and hard work, but also motivates them to continue delivering quality service. This foster a positive working environment that encourages loyalty and job satisfaction.


Bonuses are a powerful way to express your appreciation for your domestic helper’s exceptional service. It’s an additional reward beyond their regular salary that acknowledges their extra effort. Offering bonuses also sets a precedent for exceptional work, motivating your helper to consistently strive for excellence.

Renew work permit with ease

Renewing your domestic helper’s work permit in Singapore involves steps like submitting a renewal application to the Ministry of Manpower, securing maid insurance, and scheduling necessary medical checks. A new employment agreement along with a salary schedule is also needed.

At Maid Avenue, we simplify these procedures for you. Our experts guide you through every stage, providing clear documentation and tailored advice. With us, you can renew with confidence and ease, leaving the complexities to us.

Renew your maid's work permit in simple 3 steps

Step 1

Speak to our experienced specialist

Reach out to our experienced specialists who will guide you through every detail and answer any queries you might have about the renewal process.

Step 2

We will provide expert guidance

Our team will provide you with tailored advice ensuring that your decisions are well-informed and beneficial for both parties.

Step 3

Sit back, let us handle the rest

Once you have decided, we’ll handle the rest, ensuring a swift and seamless completion of the work permit renewal process.