In line with Ministry of Manpower's regulations, employers must secure medical and personal accident insurance, along with a security bond for their helper before they arrive in Singapore.

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As per the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower, Singaporean employers of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are obligated to secure medical insurance, personal accident insurance, and a security bond for their domestic helper prior to their arrival in Singapore.

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What are the requirements for maid insurance and security bond?

Medical Insurance

Your domestic helper’s medical insurance should provide a minimum annual coverage of $15,000 for inpatient care and day surgery.

Personal Accident Insurance

Your domestic helper’s personal accident insurance must offer a minimum coverage of $40,000, with compensation made directly to your maid or her designated beneficiaries.

Security Bond

A $5,000 security bond is required for employers hiring Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs). This bond ensures employers maintain their responsibility for the domestic helper’s welfare, including timely salary payments and appropriate repatriation when required.

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